Blog Basics – What is a Blog Anyway?

A blog, sometimes called a weblog, is a type of personal website designed and maintained by an individual, usually with the express purpose of sharing information with others. A blog is like a personal diary, but instead of entries made in real time by the blogger, they are posted to the Internet shortly after being written. Most blogs offer some sort of disclaimer that warns readers about the possibility of viruses, spyware, or other harmful programs that may infect their computer when they visit the blog. Some are virtual and only accessible to visitors of the blog itself.

A blog is similar to a personal website, in that it can be used for marketing purposes. A common marketing technique that works very well is to place a link back to a company’s website from the blog, thus bringing in more potential customers. Popular blogging platforms have several advantages over older forms of website creation. Blogs can be easily customized to include links to popular social networking websites such as MySpace or Facebook, as well as other websites used by the company. In addition, blogs can be created in reverse chronological order much like how websites such as WordPress or Blogger are created.

A blog, like many other types of websites, is used to share information with others. Blogs have become particularly popular among individuals who are trying to build a small online business. Bloggers share opinions and news about local events, current events, or just about anything they feel will interest their readership. Two popular blogging platforms used by bloggers are WordPress and Blogger.