Info Travel – How I Am Utilizing the Resources That I Have

Info Travel, the blog that I have been involved with for over a year now, has had a phenomenal surge in traffic recently. In fact it has received more traffic in the span of a single week than I did in all of the other sites I built. I am not entirely sure why this is but it is happening so I figure I might as well share the information with you.

info travel

This is the first article in the “Info Trip” series. I will explain what I use to generate traffic and why I am able to achieve the level of traffic I am generating. There are a number of elements that go into generating traffic to a site but I will focus on the most important ones here. One of the biggest differences between this business and all of my other sites is the amount of information that I want to present to my readers. While other sites provide great information, I am not content to simply present the information. I want to engage my readers with valuable and useful information so that they will become repeat visitors and ultimately, leads.

The first thing I do is write a blog post on the subject. Then I am able to link my blog post to another page on my website or product. Once I have created this linking system, I can just about drive anyone to any page on my site with the simple click of a button. It is important to remember that the majority of my readers do not know much about me. That is OK, because once you start providing them with valuable information, they will be curious enough to learn more and become prospects.