Passive Income From Blog Travel

You might not have heard of blog travel unless you are a travel writer. When I started out in 2021, I started a travel blog with the goal of sharing my love of the city and the things I love about it. One of the things that attracted me to travel blogging was the ability to use themes. So I decided to pick a travel blog topic based on hotels in New York City. The result was a book deal blog that made me a lot of money. Now if you are a travel writer, you know how powerful theme-based book deals can be.

blog travel

The same is true for travel blogs. If you choose a certain city to focus on, you can get started building your theme around that city. So, let’s say you pick the city that is home to the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park and Broadway. Once you pick one of these areas to start building your blog around, you can now write about things like museums and hotels and book deals in this area.

I’m not saying that you can write about each and every facet of New York City, or even seven or eight cities. But you can start building a passive income blog around one specific part of the city, which will give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to promoting it. Once you have picked a topic and built a site around it, you can then start writing about the various aspects of that area. You can get started building your travel blog as soon as today!