What Is a Blog?

Definition of a blog: a blog is a web log, a type of personal web page which gives a person’s opinions, view points and experiences with some sort of “notebook” format on topics of personal interest. It was the internet’s original and most popular form of writing and discussion. It has come a long way since its humble beginnings from the mid-1990s when the first person began posting daily messages to communicate his/her views over the internet.


Definition of a blog: a blog is a web log or virtual journal where a person’s thoughts and ideas are documented. Blogging started as an offshoot of the blogging that characterized the social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Blogs were used by people to express their opinions and personal views on pretty much any topic that someone may wish to talk about. The first blogs were fairly basic in nature, mostly consisting of people just sharing basic thoughts and ramblings, but as word spread and the number of bloggers grew, they began to be more complex and focused on particular interests. Today, blogs provide an outlet for a lot of things people can post entries related to politics, technology, entertainment, religion, arts, comics, cartoons and more. In fact, a blog is basically a free writing platform on which people express their opinions and concepts on whatever they want to discuss.

There are many different types of blog, and they all serve the same purpose: to provide a medium for people to express themselves. While there are many different kinds of blogs, the two most common blog types are personal blogs and static websites. Personal blogs are often personal in nature, and bloggers use the blog to talk about their day to day lives and what they feel passionate about. Static websites, on the other hand, are blogs that are maintained regularly and are maintained in a specific location such as the administrator’s home page or the blog’s main URL.